Rayza Robalino: “Actions speak louder than words”

  • Name: Rayza Robalino Vasconcelos.
  • Position: PRSA Member, PRSSA and PR USMP Networking Advisor, PR USMP Public Relations Student-run firm Adviser.
  • Educational Establishment: Universidad de San Martín de Porres.
  • Studies: Communication Sciences.
  • Specialization: Public Relations and Advertising.
  • Age: 22 years.
  • Current job: Coordinator and Webmaster of Grupo Redondos.


Citizen of the world, lover of traveling and adventuring. Lover of Public Relations and Digital Marketing.

1. Given your experience, do you consider that Public Relations is particularly important inside an organization? Why?

I think that Public Relations holds an essential place in organizations, whether public or private. We are still growing up inside organizations. I’ve had the opportunity of studying deeply the American and European models and can conclude that an organization without a Public Relations department condemns itself.

Public Relations is fundamental because, nowadays, our society is permanently changing and so does the role of our stakeholders. Early on, it was passive but now it is completely different due to the scope of social networks. The networks let us communicate and share our thoughts on different topics or facts that may involve organizations directly or indirectly. There comes the moment for a PR practitioner to manage the adequate strategies to achieve the audience support, in order to keep the organization growing properly.

2. Which was your role in the PR USMP Public Relations Student-run Firm?

As member of PR USMP, I served as Head of Accounts. I had the opportunity of managing the account of the Central Army Hospital. Together with the members of the team, we assisted the Office of Corporate Image on the related to protocol topics and the production of a corporate video. As well, I am a founder member of the Firm.

3. What do you consider are the main attributes of a PR specialist inside an organization?

Ethics, proactivity and discipline. Ethics is summarized in a phrase that has always led my life: “Actions speak louder than words”. Proactivity, because our profession is changing and englobes in one way or the other the rest of disciplines of Communications. That’s the reason we shall learn a little of everything and be disciplined as Public Relations implies doing things following specific rules.

4. As a founder member, which are your expectations about PR USMP Firm?

I have very good expectations about PR USMP. I´ve always said that the founder members settled the bases, and the current and future members are responsible to build on these solid foundations. I’m glad to know the Firm is in safe hands and every day they are showing the world we work to be the best Public Relations Student-run Firm.

5. Currently, which is your role in Grupo Redondos?

After a large process of change held by the organization, I am the Communication Coordinator and Webmaster of Grupo Redondos. I´m in charge of several projects involving the Internal Communication of the company.

6. Do you believe your participation in PR USMP firm helped you to improve your work in Grupo Redondos? How?

Absolutely yes. In the Firm I have learned day by day how do big corporations work. Mainly I have learned about leadership, which helped me a lot when dealing with people, which is also part of my job inside the organization.

7. What would you advice the students that are current members of the PR USMP Public Relations Student-run Firm?

My advice to all the members of the Firm is to take every single opportunity given every day. It’s important to take this experience to grow as a person because organizations search for good professionals but also for good people in general.

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