Maria Alejandra: “We need innovative, motivated and energetic people”

  • Name: Maria Alejandra Bodero.
  • Position: Professor of Public Relations at Universidad de San Martin de Porres
  • Age: 27 years.
  • Studies: Communication Sciences.
  • Specialty: Internal Communication.
  • Current job: Assistant Manager of Culture of Compliance in Banco de Crédito del Perú

1) Why do you consider that in many organizations the area of internal communication remains subordinated to the area of human resources?

Actually, it is because there is a structure issue, nobody has communicated to companies the importance of a public relations officer as the director or manager of communication in companies. It is a topic that comes more with the formation of the company and Human Resources itself.

I worked in the BCP, in the area of internal communication and this belongs to the Human Resources area. However, I interact with many areas, but in the Organization and Functions Manual for a fact of organization and order this is located in Human Resources. In turn, in Backus we were (the area of internal communication) within HR. So I think it’s something that we have not yet developed in Peru but we’re on that way.

2) Was being part of the work team of such an important bank in Peru one of your goals?

In fact, all my life I wanted to work in Backus because I liked the issue of mass consumption. However, my first experience when I was a practitioner and studying was the BCP, I never thought about working in such a large company, I realized that it is a bank that offers you the opportunity to create, and my goal was that.

3) What is the profile that a professional should have for a position of this magnitude?

A lot of motivation, energy and good ideas, considering it is an area that allows you to create. In fact, when they gave me the position, for me it was something very new, the issue of compliance culture, so they gave me the freedom to create, to bring people, to put together a new team and to do different things, where we have put the goal of leaving without fear of making mistakes so we do not have to think too much or have many delays, because we want it to be perfect, we just go for it.

4) What is the most exciting part of this job?

There are no rules, you can get the best out of your criteria. It gives you the ability to transform yourself, get out of your own self. On the one hand, you can be a serious and reserved person, but when you talk about communication you feel free.

5) How do you perceive new technologies and new ways of communicating within organizations influence?

Very much, e-mail, for example, is something that has already gone down in history. Any communication campaign that is only virtual or by mail, is a campaign that is born dead. While it is true, it is difficult in a company that the owner helps the communicator to spread the message through the new technology, but it is better to try.

The bank works with a corporate social network called Conexión BCP  where we have a community of the compliance division and there we create ideation blogs, contests, we mix the online with the offline, then it allows greater capacity to reach 17 thousand collaborators that are in the BCP. When we speak, we also do it in the way how new technologies are thought, few characters, very direct and using terms that are now used … we must investigate a lot.

6) What kind of crises can be given internally and how should we face these conflicts?

Internally, when the collaborator disagrees with the things that happen in the company and first takes it out, because he does not know the channels to communicate it, I think it is the worst thing that could happen to us. In the bank we have something that allows us to mitigate that risk of crisis, especially in terms of money laundering, corruption, bribery, etc. This channel is called Credicorp Genetic Alert, through this system we tell the collaborators that whatever they have to say about the bank, something that annoys or bothers them, they do it through this channel to be able to root out this evil.

We provide an environment of clarity and honesty. The “worst” thing that could happen is that a collaborator thinks that the company does not care about them. Communication avoids crisis and does not affect the company. The communication objective and the business objective have to go hand in hand.

7) What are your future plans as a public relationist and as a teacher of this discipline?

I’d like to have a bigger team, I am on my way to it. However, we lack the time factor, I have a vision of 2 years. As a teacher, I would like students to be more interested in this topic and not see it only as a job that does events, protocol, where we come formally dressed, because that is not the career, they must realize that we direct everything.

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