Luis Carlo Miranda: “In fact, joining Burson Marsteller has been a great experience”


  • Name: Luis Carlo Miranda Cerrutti.
  • Position: Adviser of the PR USMP Firm and member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Immediate Vice-president of the Chapter and Past Director of the Firm.
  • Studies: Communication Sciences.
  • Specialization: Public Relations and Advertising.
  • Current work: Professional trainee of Corporate & Public Affairs in Burson Marsteller.
  • Age: 23
  • Description: He loves sports, cooking, books, technology and culture. He is a hitchhiker and traveler. Ex -biologist and commited to the environment.

Luis Carlo Miranda Cerrutti was Vice-president of the PRSSA Chapter for term 2014 – 2015 and Director of the PR USMP Student´s firm. Currently, he works as a professional trainee of Corporate & Public Affairs in Burson Marsteller, and Adviser of the PR USMP Firm.

1. How did you join Burson Masteller? That is, which were the experience and profile required?

I was persistent. Once I saw the announcement I applied by my own. Additionally, I sent my CV to a contact inside the company to advance the process of selection. It is hard to get a job, so I was not able to wait until things happen. About the process, as in many cases you pass through several interviews and tests until you get selected.About the profile, I don´t know, you should ask the employer, however, I´m convinced that companies do not hire the best individual but the one complying determined requirements.

2. Which is your function inside the organization?

Currently, I´m working for the area of Corporate & Public Affairs.

3. How is your professional life now in Burson Marsteller?

In fact, joining Burson Marsteller has been a great experience. I´m surrounded of excellent professionals and I feel I have learned much in quite few time. I hope this growing process will continue and I´ll keep on learning much more.

4. How do you see yourself within 5 years in your professional life?

I have many plans and projects that I hope to accomplish in the following 5 years, but obviously, I see myself a better professional with an important position. You never know what will happen but you know what you want. I hope to be working for a company of the Burson Marsteller group but in other country.

5. Which would be your message for the members that are just to start their professional lives?

To take advantage of this great opportunity given by the PRSSA to grow personnally and professionally. To learn to prioritize their activities, to take challenges, to risk when making decisions and do not give up if they don´t find the job in the company. Currently, market is very competitive but I you add value you will differ from the rest. Honestly, I consider having been a member of the PRSSA Chapter from USMP-PERU is a plus when applying to a new job.

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