Jaime Teran: “Communication is the door whereby a person can achieve its goals”

    • Nombre:  Jaime Fernando Terán Asmat
    • Estudios:  Licenciado en Ciencias de la Comunicación con especialidad en Periodismo
    • Establecimiento educativo:  Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega
    •  Trabajo actual: Locutor de NexTv y Radio Moderna y gerente de

Descripción: Journalist with over 30 years of professional experience on press, radio and televison. Expert in Soft Skills. Leadership lecturer, customer service, media training and public speaking.

1. What does journalism mean to you?

Journalism for me means the bridge between the news that needs to be transmitted and be of knowledge to the public. News of public interest. Journalism is the career by which one can transmit information of interest to the community, it is one of the careers that has the most influence in all areas of life, social conditions, race, creeds. Journalism has the power to influence the mass media, make a person from one moment to another the greatest or the vilest.

2. What is the most important thing you have learned in these 30 years of professional career?

In these 30 years of career I have learned that social communication is the door, the tool by which a person can achieve all their goals. Social communication is the key by which a person can communicate, transcend their thoughts and above all, be able to reach people with clarity.

3. What was your motivation to create and what objectives do you hope to achieve with this project?

When I started in 1987 to do my internship, what I thought was to enter a radio because my dream was to be an announcer. However, I realized at the university that it was not just locution, there were also other fields such as advertising, public relations and journalism. That’s where I realize that interest that I have to make an event public. That motivated me to work on research. In the last 5 years I am dedicated to the investigation of the subject of communication, of how to communicate, that is where is born. I have researched and most people seek happiness, a good job, get along with the rest; but, unfortunately, they don’t have communication tools. There are people who can not declare themselves to a girl, there are people who do not know how to express their ideas, that is why is born as a portal to give tools to a person who wants to reach another level.

4. How can we promote the value of our personal brand?

Speaking correctly from the presentation, not necessarily being a protocol person. We can achieve this by being assertive, putting ourselves in the place of the other person. All part of what you want to communicate. The problem of communication is not the receiver or the message, the problem is the sender. The sender does not have communication tools, neither in the school, nor in the university, nor in public and private institutions. This is confused with being superb. One thing is to be noticed and another is to apply communication tools. That is why I am convinced that by applying the communication tools we can make a different Peru and that we politicians do not cheat us, thinking that we are fools or that we are sheep that are only going to vote.

5. What’s Mujer Lidérate labor about?
Mujer Lidérate is in charge of empowering women and their social environment, we are talking about that if an empowered woman achieves that maximum ability, she will be able to empower her children and therefore her partner. The couple of a woman is essential for the growth of a family, however, the sexism that exists in Peru prevents men from reconsidering and can give value to women. That is why Mujer Lidérate is the organization that gives women tools to face difficult situations, whether with the husband, with the children, with their environment, achieving a family unit. The society is composed of family units, if we achieve that these family units can lead an adequate and happy coexistence, we can achieve a different society. My job is to spread this type of activities so that they can reach as many people as possible.

6. What recommendations can you give to future communicators to be successful in the media?

That they define what is their goal. Each being is an individual being, and each communicator must define its goal, from the first cycle your goal must be well defined. In time I want to do such work as a communicator and about that work, I see myself as a producer, I have to see what channels are going to open my doors, get into the field, talk with the current producers, see what fields of production there are in the world. And finally, I have a phrase that I have just recently coined: the digital book. We all have a digital book, everything is in the networks, on the Internet. The time will come when a producer will have its own Internet channel, and will have its own production company on the Internet and will be able to do work on the Internet. For me that is the future, the Internet.

Concéntrese en lo que quiere hacer, establezca una meta a corto plazo y trabaje hacia esa meta. Y una vez que se cumple ese objetivo, pasan a otro objetivo. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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