Hedmi Leon: “There´s passion and full commitment on everything I do about the Firm”

  • Name: Hedmi Susan León Ramos
  • Position: Director of the PR USMP Firm and Internship Coordinator of the PRSSA Chapter of USMP-PERU.
  • Educational Establishment: Universidad de San Martín de Porres.
  • Studies: Communication Sciences.
  • Semester: VIIIth
  • Age: 23
  • Description: She is student of the Program of Communication Sciences from Universidad de San Martín de Porres and member of the PRSSA Chapter -USMP Peru. Hedmi is responsible and proactive. She´s got great ability to work in team and under pressure and to conduct researching work. She serves as the Director of the PR USMP Firm and Account Executive. As well, she serves as Internship Coordinator of the PRSSA Chapter of Universidad de San Martín de Porres – PERU.

1. Which are your expectations of the PR USMP firm for the coming 3 years up to the re-certification of the PRSSA Chapter of USMP PERU?

Among the projects set for the Firm I am working on a greater diversification of the clients of the Firm. Currently, we work with a private company and diverse nonprofit organizations, and would like the members of the Firm to have the opportunity to work with governmental organizations or institutions from other sectors to increase their performance in different fields.

I also expect the Firm to participate in case competitions carried out by the PRSSA to show how successful we can be working on PR campaigns.

2. What do you think about growing PR in Peru? 

It is pleasant to know the organizations in Peru start considering Public Relations as a essential part of growing. This helps PR to grow as more people start to realize which is the role of a PR practitioner. We can work for multiple sectors, from a hospital´s communication department to a PR agency. As well, it is important to place the Public Relations area near the Management area in the organization chart, as it works as a direct adviser.

3. Which do you consider the most significant aspects of your position?

Our meetings with the clients is one of the most relevant aspects, as it is the time to agree the working schedule with them and listening to their projects. Another important matter is to supervise the advancing work for each account, and to motivate the members of the Firm to commit to the compliance of the work and to act in their roles effectively.

4. Which is the profile of a PR practitioner?

A PR practitioner shall care of details and solve any unexpected issue that may arise. Shall be proactive, creative, strategist and good leader.

5. Which are the challenges taken by the Director of the Firm? 

One of the challenges is to consolidate and set the basis of the PR USMP Firm for the present year. Also, another challenge is to obtain an effective and satisfactory result for the clients we work with. Due to the current trends of the market, one of the most significant challenges is to keep on training the members of the Firm on a continuous basis in order to ensure a complete and well-qualified work.

6. If you were to define your work in one word, which would be this? 

Commitment. There´s passion and full commitment on everything I do about the Firm.

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