• Provide advisory to the departments of communication and public relations of MYPES and PYMES, and be focused on giving efficient and satisfactory results to the client.
  • Keep continuous training of our co-workers according to the requirements of the market in order to provide a quality management.
  • Actively involve our co-workers in social responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development of the society.
Oportunidades Firma PR USMP
Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook, Vice President of Advocacy de la Public Relations Students Society of America (PRSSA), el líder de PRSSA National encargado de promover la diversidad dentro de PRSSA habla sobre las oportunidades de ser integrante de una Firma como lo es PR USMP.

Beneficios de ser parte de una Firma
Victoria Leigh Ward

Victoria Leigh Ward, Vice President of Chapter Development de la Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), la líder de la PRSSA National habla sobre los beneficios de ser parte de una Firma de Estudiantes.

Radiodialnet’s video
Global Mapping’s video

Global Mapping was one of our customers in 2014. Here is a video about our work with them.

PR USMP Members