Francesca Rojo: “I always believe we shall go beyond and add a single value to our work”


  • Name: Francesca Rojo Matta.
  • Position: Assistant Director to the PR USMP Firm.
  • Educational Establishment: Universidad de San Martín de Porres.
  • Studies: Communication Sciences.
  • Semester: VIIth
  • Age: 20


Among her main attributes we shall mention her sense of responsibility and compliance with the work provided. She thinks there are no barriers that can not be overcome. Francesca serves as Assistant Director and Adviser to the PR USMP Firm and planner and webmaster to the PRSSA Chapter of USMP-Peru.

1. As Assistant Director to the Firm, which are your main duties?

Besides representing the Director of the Firm in the event she is absent, I shall supervise the work carried out by the Staff. As well, I shall coordinate with the potential clients the related to the professional training provided by the PR USMP Firm in order to maintain the quality control of the service offered by the Firm, among other duties. I always believe we shall go beyond and add a single value to our work.

2. From a professional perspective, how do you feel about your current position?

I feel this is the result of the efforts made since the start of the PR Project. Being the Assistant Director to the PR USMP Firm means a new stage in my life, a new challenge that implies responsibility. This position not only represents a professional growing but also a personnal one. As well, I have the opportunity to contribute to the professional and personnal growing of the whole members of the PR USMP Firm.

3. So far, how has been your experience in this position?

It has been gratifying in all respects. Up to now I have participated in differents projects with diverse goals which have been complied successfully. As I told you before, this position demands responsibility. I´m used to work hard but when I´m asked to do my best I try to give as much as possible. This position had helped me feeling more self-confident to take any challenge successfully.

4. What is your vision of the student-run PR USMP Firm considering the re-certification?

The PR USMP Firm is permanently growing in different aspects. We expect to provide advisory to companies of greater experience as well as to State entities.

As well, we will keep on taking new challenges for the benefit of our staff, like participating on international competitions developed by the PRSSA. The members of the Firm are training to be ready to apply to significant international positions. In the future, we look forward to count on their support and professional contribution when required.

5. What would be your message to the current and new members?

I´ll tell them to appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Chapter and the Firm. It will expand their vision completely and I recommend them to take advantage of this enriching experience. Personal growing will come together with the professional one.

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