Fiorella Höflich: “The point is to persist in your efforts”

  • Name: Fiorella Allison Höflich Llacsahuanga.
  • Position: Account executive for PR USMP Firm.
  • Educational Establishment: Universidad de San Martín de Porres.
  • Studies: Communication Sciences.
  • Specialization: Public Relations and Advertising.
  • Age: 25 years.
  • Current job: Department of Corporate Marketing at Llorente & Cuenca.


For someone like Fiorella, there is no limits. She enjoys accepting new challenges with commitment. Her phrase: “Let’s go with spirit and faith”.

1. Which is your role as Account Executive for PR USMP Firm?

As part of PR USMP team, I serve as a consultant for Voluntades, a nonprofit organization. Our function is to produce key material and content allowing Voluntades to become a better organization internally and to coordinate interviews with the media. Working for an NGO has been an enriching experience.

2. Which are your professional goals in the long term?

As part of my dreams, I would like to visit Vaticano to utilize Public Relations as a tool of evangelization.

3. Which was your greatest motivation to apply to Llorente & Cuenca?

It is a great place to work in PR. I feel that I grow personally and professionally. As well, they give you the opportunity to do an internship. People from Colombia come to work to Peru and Peruvian colleagues have gone to work to the USA.

4. Which is your position in Llorente & Cuenca?

I support consultants and assistants, and shall be attentive to any coordination. Every day there´s a new challenge and an opportunity to learn and gain experience. You learn in the field what you have not learned in class. It is important to accept the challenges and persist.

5. How important do you consider values and ethics in Public Relations?

It is essential to do what is right and to obtain good results. The organization shows the image of their members. Values like respect, solidarity and mainly honesty. It is important to consider your behavior and be responsible of your acts.

6. What does it mean to you to be part of the only Student-run firm in Latin America affiliated to PRSSA?

A very important opportunity for professional development. I´m very glad to be part of the first Peruvian university certified in Public Relations by an international association. This is a merit of our authorities and a benefit for all the students.



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