Angel Rodríguez: “Be part of the company where I work now makes possible to ground the basis of my profession”


  • Name: Angel Martín Rodríguez Del Castillo.
  • Position: Adviser to the PR USMP Firm. Member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and Immediate Past President of the PRSSA Chapter of Universidad de San Martín de Porres -PERU.
  • Studies: Communication Sciences.
  • Specialization: Public Relations and Advertising.
  • Current job: Professional trainee for the Department of Sustainable Development and External Communication in Alicorp.
  • Age: 21
  • Description: Passionate about the theater, books and Public Relations. Follower of initiatives for sustainable development of the planet and volunteer initiatives that change lives. Designer, writer and actor in process.

Angel Rodríguez Del Castillo -graduate of the Program of Communication Sciences from Universidad de San Martín de Porres-, is convinced that his election for the specialization in Public Relations and Advertising changed his life completely, making possible to grow personally and professionally too. His sympathy, dedication, commitment and leadership are strong tools to learn that it is possible to improve our society´s and country´s welfare with work, hope and faith.

1. How was your academic training in the USMP?

When you enter the university you have in mind a lot of dreams and ideas. I dreamed of being a TV or theatre producer. The USMP helped me to discover how to use my knowledge to contribute to the society. I believe this was possible due to the study plan they use which permits the students to explore diverse communication platforms pointed at doing much with less, learning skills of how to take new challenges and solve problems on an effective way. When we end the career, we feel all-terrain professionals and complete communicators.

2. What does it mean to you to be part of one of the most important companies of the country?

I learned we can add value and welfare to our country. Be part of the company where I work now makes possible to ground the basis of my profession and feel involved in the projects I develop. I feel part of a family and above all I am maturing and growing as a professional.

3. Currently, you serve as Adviser to the PR USMP firm, how would you qualify this new experience?

It is incredible and challenging. You work with very good people, always giving its best and no one is left behind. This motivate me to share my experience, use new strategies working as a team to advise the companies efficiently. As well, our clients are increasing. This year we started working with “Voluntades”, a volunteer organization, a matter that I practice since I was 14. This organization has a very important purpose for the volunteer and the beneficiary. The challenge is how to communicate effectively? We are working on that.

4. For a Social Communicator, PR practitioner and PRSA member, what is your motivation to keep growing and contributing to the team you belong to?

I believe the country does not have clear the idea about what a PR practitioner´s work has to do with. What motivates me to keep on growing is to develop our profession on a strategic way. We shall demonstrate PR has a cross-participation in the organizations for PR &branding, crisis projects, community relations, means, trendsetters,among others.

5. Do you think it is significant the professional training of the current students of the specialization of Public Relations?

Yes, I do. I believe we do much more than publicize a press release and we learn part of this perspective and principles in the specialization. We not only learn about tools of communication, we also learn about new subjects and specializations. For instance, a public affairs executive shall have a strong legal command and a PR working with investors shall have prominent knowledge of finances. What I want to remark is that we can not  stay with the phrase “knowing the business”, we shall be specialists and our plus will be our passion for PR. My recommendation is to keep on asking for information to be more strategic and to develop holistic and detailed visions.

6. What are you passionate about your profession, and how do you use it on your daily life?

Personnally I love dedicating to service, this is me and I love working on that. That´s why I have a social approach of PR. All my life I was passionate about arts, the creative design, advertising, monitoring people´s behaviour and getting involved with them. All these skills are reflected on my daily tasks: working as a volunteer, using my creativity in a strategic plan, working on interesting projects that add value and bring welfare to the society. All these is translated into an amazing and varying journey given day after day.

7. What would be your message to the young students searching a work and success?

In certain way we all search for success and that feeling is gratifying, however much better than searching for the perfect position is to search for the job that makes sense to you. It is important to work on different projects to discover your devotion, what cultivates and strenghtens your expectations.

Working for a company or a renowned organization does not imply success. Be positive and give yourself many job opportunities to discover your passion, what makes you feel proud and identified with the company´s objectives. Then you´ll recognize a part of you on each contribution to the organization, and will make you think what do you expect for your future.

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